The RBS PeopleCharity

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We help RBS employees past and present, and their dependants in times of financial hardship




The RBS PeopleCharity is an independent charity governed by a Board of Trustees and administered in accordance with Charity Commission regulations.

The RBS PeopleCharity is for the benefit of RBS employees, past and present, and their dependants, for the relief of financial hardship.

The trustees will consider applications from potential beneficiaries with savings of less than £23,250 and whose gross weekly income from all sources, before deduction of tax and National Insurance Contributions, does not exceed £400 (or local currency equivalents).

Grant applications are restricted to one per eligible household within any 12 month period.

Even though an applicant may fall within the savings and income guidelines they are not automatically entitled to a charitable grant.

The decision to award a charitable grant is at the discretion of the trustees, who will consider each case on its merits.

Charitable grants are not subject to tax.

For information on a Proposed Merger with the BankWorkers Charity see the consultation document.