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RBSelect card


If you’re in Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey or the Isle of Man

The RBSelect card is a pre-paid debit card with great discounts of up to 10% at over 70 high street retailers and restaurants.

You can use the RBSelect card calculator* to work out how much you could save. Open the calculator, click the brands and stores you shop in, click the calculate button, and then use the slider to see your savings grow. You’ll need to use Internet Explorer 11 or Google Chrome to access this.

The discounts you receive are added to your card balance as a credit on or around the 18th of the following month.

Ready to elect or make a change?

You can choose an RBSelect card or change the amount you want all year round.

To find out more or make your choices go to RBSelectOnline

Need some help?

You can chat online to HR People Services and get instant responses to your queries with HR Chat, go to the HR Pages > Help box > Contact HR, it’s in the top right hand corner of all the HR intranet pages.

Alternatively you can give us a call on 0808 100 42 42 (ROI 1800 245 971), or select ‘Raise a query online’ to leave a query with us. We’re open Monday – Friday 8.30-17.00, except for a Wednesday when we open at 10am.

If you're in Hong Kong, Singapore or India

RBSelect is all about choice. This unique employee benefit programme allows you to take control of your own benefit package, to meet your personal needs.

visit the RBSelect website and use you RBS email address as your username.

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